Police Security Division Reveals Anti-Crime Garden

By Gary Cutlack on at

A police initiative is testing a crime-fighting garden, one that cost £20,000 to develop and show, but contains ideas its designers hope might save many times that thanks to security measures that make it hard for burglars to gain entry.

The idea is being promoted by Secured by Design, which usually advises on more mundane things like how high fences need to be and if razor wire around your drain pipe is legal or not. Its crime prevention garden is about to be put on show at the Hampton Court Flower Show next week, where such ideas as noisy crunchy gravel to deter sneak thieves are being suggested, along with thorny plants placed around windows, thin trees people can't climb, thick hedges, and low-voltage lighting to illuminate their angry burglar faces.

Or try not doing any gardening at all, and let the stingy nettles take over. If you just live in a flat and don't have expansive grounds in need of securing from people who want to sneak in and take your Range Rover key fob, maybe do this on a smaller scale by putting poo on your window ledges. [The Times]

Image credit: Unsplash

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