Poll Reveals Which Type of Dog the British Like Best

By Tom Pritchard on at

Dogs are awesome. They're the best pets, so if you try and tell me your cat is better I am willing to fight you. Cats are the worst, but not as bad as fish. Fuck fish, they don't do anything except eat and die. Dogs are cute, loyal, and run around excitedly when you get home from work. You can't top that. Now YouGov has done a poll to find out which dog is best, based on the opinions of the British people.

The best dog is, unsurprisingly, the Labrador Retriever. Coming in shades of black, brown, and yellow, it's long been considered one of the least temperamental dog breeds - especially around children. They do moult a lot, but so do lots of dogs and it's not hard to see why people like them so much. Coming in behind the Lab is the Border Collie, Golden Retriever, Red/Irish Setter, and English Shepherd.

Down at the bottom of the list is the Chinese Crested, which is a horrible looking thing that seems to have more in common with a rat than a dog. Going up the bottom five you also have the Bullboxer Pit, the Chihuahua, the Pitbull (which is illegal here), and the Pekingese, which looks more pillow than dog. As YouGov points out, the least popular dogs seem to be the smaller (shittier) dogs that are reknowned for their barking, alongside the dogs that have developed a reputation for aggression.

In terms of actual ownership the list is once again topped by the Labrador, which probably explains why they're so expensive. They're followed by the Alsatian/German Shepherd, the Border Collie, and the Jack Russel.

The analysis took place thanks to data contributions from 44,000 YouGov members, with 356 breeds included. They also did some analysis on cats, but that's not what we're talking about. Be more dog, cats, and I may like you more. [YouGov]