Pornhub is Opening an LA Art Exhibition Now, Called 'Pornhub Nation'

By Tom Pritchard on at

You have to give Pornhub some credit when it comes to its ability to put together headline-grabbing publicity stunts. Whether it's porn stars on socks, using data to dissect North Korea's porn habits, or opening itself a physical shop to flog its porn-related wares. Now the world's most famous house of smut will be opening up its own art exhibition in Los Angeles, further blurring the distinction of when art becomes pornography.

It's called Pornhub Nation, is being described as an 'interactive art exhibition', and is definitely completely XXX rated. Presumably it won't involve what just jumped into your head, you pervert, because that probably falls foul of America's anti-prostitution laws. So far the site has announced that it will be set in the year 2069 (nice), in "a futuristic, utopian society formed by Pornhub and feature multiple exhibits playing on government branches and bureaucratic organisations." Porn stars Asa Akira and Abella Danger are set to play the presidents of this fictional world, where porn somehow brought people together in harmony instead of going to war over which category they like best or whether YouPorn is actually better - despite being owned by the same company.

The exhibit totals 3000 square feet over seven rooms, and is expected to take about an hour. In typical porn parody style, it's also full of sex-based puns that make fun of various US government organisations. Organisations like the DMV (now Domination Masochistic Vroomvroom), NASA (now ASSA, obviously), and the NSA (National Sexurity ASSociation, which feels like it was thought up at the end of the day when everyone stopped trying because they wanted to go home).

Obviously the exhibit is only in LA, but I bet if it does well the site will go on some sort of tour and bring in the local porn stars. That's what I'd do anyway. If you're going to be in California and want to check it out for yourself, tickets are available now ready for a July 14th launch. It'll run until 17h August, and you can check out a sneak peak over on the Pornhub Nation Instagram page. It's not got any nudity, but I wouldn't go so far as to say that page is safe, so wait until you get home to have a look. [Complex]