Posties Banned From Sticking En-ger-land Flags on Their Vans

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Royal Mail has told its staff of van drivers, trolley pushers and even the village bike-riding delivery person that it's not OK to show support for the England football team during the imminent World Cup, as putting flags and stickers in vans and windows is potentially hazardous.

That's the official reason, at least, with Royal Mail fretting that a flag might come undone, flap into traffic, wedge itself into the wheels of a passing cyclist and upend them into traffic. It's probably got more to do with the fact that it's become commonplace to sneer at people flagging-up for major sporting events, and the Royal Mail doesn't want to have to sand out any rude graffiti that might be scratched into van bonnets as a response.

The UK's fleet of posties will still have to endure/enjoy the site of England flags draped over their village branch, as displaying flags and other sich insignia at offices is allowed, with post office bosses explaining: "Flags should not be flown on vehicles as Royal Mail has a duty of care both to all employees and to members of the public. This is a company-wide policy across the business which covers flags and stickers across trollies, bikes, vans and lorries. No other flag or insignia should be carried next to the Royal Mail brand and insignias."

Oh so maybe it's a brand issue. Someone might think Royal Mail has redesigned its logo to include the England flag with MILLWALL written down the middle on the white bit. [Sky News]