Reminder: The Silk White OnePlus 6 Arrives Tomorrow

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last month saw the launch of the much-anticipated OnePlus 6, with both black variants going on general sale across the world on 22nd May. A lot of you will have noticed that the Limited Edition Silk White variant is still not available to buy, and that's because it doesn't actually go on sale until tomorrow.

More specifically sales open at 10 o'clock (BST) tomorrow morning, rewarding the patience of anyone who waited to get their hands on a phone many say is more aesthetically pleasing than its gloomier brethren. According to OnePlus the Silk White's matte colouring was achieved thanks to a small layer of powdered pearl, with a pinkish gold trim that you can't get on one of the other two.

The downside is that the Silk White variant is only available with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, along w unlike the other two that offer various configurations with 6GB of RAM or 256GB of storage. The rest of the specs are exactly the same. The upside is that the 'limited edition' thing doesn't come with an extra mark-up, so it costs the same £519 as the other 8GB/128GB phones. It might sell out quickly, though, given OnePlus's popularity, but if you're willing to get it on contract O2 has already opened pre-orders. You will have to pay £548 (and at least £20 a month for two years) if you want to buy the device outright, however.

Tomorrow is also supposed to be the day the new Bullets Wireless earphones go on sale, for the price of £69. That said the online store still has them down as 'coming soon' for some reason. Hopefully that'll be updated tomorrow, and people will be able to buy a pair for themselves.