Report Claims Samsung Will Rebrand Gear VR as Galaxy VR

By Tom Pritchard on at

For several years Samsung has been using the 'Gear' brand for things that aren't phones: Gear Fit, Gear VR, and the Gear smartwatches. Now reports claims the Gear brand is gearing off for a trip into the sunset, with Samsung adopting the Galaxy branding across the board. Reports that Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Fit have been trademarked have been circulating for a while now, but according to SamMobile Samsung will be extending the name change to virtual reality.

Sources have told the site that Samsung intends to rebrand the Gear VR as the Galaxy VR, which would make sense if previous reports of wearable and fitness rebranding turn out to be accurate. Presumably the logic behind the changes are to ensure the company's product lineup is more inline with the flagship Galaxy phone range, or at least ensuring the phone-related products have more brand synergy.

That said, there's no guarantee that Samsung will actually got through with the shake-up. Trademarking brand names is one thing, but actually implementing them is another. After all, Samsung probably has a vested interest in making sure other companies don't start releasing similar products with some sort of 'galaxy' branding.

Still SamMobile is speculating that a Galaxy VR device may debut alongside the Galaxy S10, especially given rumours that suggest the phone will have a higher resolution than the current line-up. At this point it's impossible to say. The next big announcement window would be around IFA in August, while the Galaxy S10 isn't expected until next February at the earliest. The the rumour with a dose of scepticism for now, because it'll be a while before we hear anything more. [SamMobile]