Retail Leak Claims Netflix and YouTube are Coming to Nintendo Switch

By Tom Pritchard on at

There are people out there who aren't happy about the fact Nintendo's Switch can play good games without needing to be plugged into a TV. They're annoyed because the Switch isn't like every generic tablet on the market, and filled with a store of useless apps nobody needs on a games console that lasts between 2.5 and six hours. It's these people that are likely to be overjoyed that a retail leak seemingly confirmed Netflix and YouTube apps are coming to the console.

Since the Switch launched it has updated to include support for a single streaming service: Hulu, which isn't available in most of the world. But according to a listing from US retailer Best Buy it will be getting Netflix and YouTube in the near future. Seeing as how Nintendo's E3 showcase is set to take place later this afternoon it looks like the perfect place to announce these new features. Assuming, of course, that they're legit, and not totally made up by someone at Best Buy who thought it would be funny to see what people did.

So maybe someday soon you'll be turning your Switch into a media player, streaming the latest episodes of Arrested Development to the hybrid console. But I hope you don't, since it's a waste. You'd be better off watching it on your phone that on Nintendo's latest handheld, or on a TV with a proper device that can do a lot more than watch three streaming platforms.

The listing didn't say when the apps would launch, but since they're all digital and are already readily available elsewhere, there's no reason why Nintendo would need to wait. Again assuming the leak is legit. [Slashgear]