Rumour Claims Samsung Galaxy S10 and LG G8 Will Use Fancy Tech to Avoid Notching Their Screens

By Tom Pritchard on at

The latest trend in the smartphone industry is full-screen displays that minimise the bezel and take full advantage of a phone's size. There's still hardware that needs to be positioned on the front, though, so the majority of phone makers have resorted to adding a 'notch' to accommodate sensors, the front camera, an earpiece/speaker grill, and so on. But if the latest rumour is to be believed, Samsung and LG might implement fancy new tech to avoid any sort of notch or bar at the top of their next big phones.

According to ETNews, both Samsung and LG are set to use "sound emitting displays" in future handsets, starting in the early part of next year. If that sounds familiar, it's because both Samsung and LG showed off sound-emitting display prototypes at Society of Information Displays expo last month. While LG had relegated its offering to TV sized displays, Samsung did show off a 6.22-inch phone-like screen that proves you could, in theory, pump sound through a phone screen and ditch any front-facing speakers.

When that news broke I suggested that because these displays were marked as prototypes, it might be a while before we see them in phones. But if ETNews's report is accurate, then it seems my caution was unfounded - even more so now that Vivo has just announced the Nex S and Nex A smartphones that include something similar.. But short of an official announcement it's still wise to remain sceptical, especially since rumours like this have been known to not pan out in the past.

ETNews also claims that the Galaxy S10 will have the same 6.2-inch display as the Galaxy S9 Plus, and also happens to be roughly the same size as the sound-emitting prototype. [ETNews via TechRadar]