Sainsbury's Tests Slow Lane for a Less Stressed Checkout Experience

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sainsbury's is trialling a clever idea that might turn shopping into less of a nightmare for people who find the whole experience troubling, with what it calls a Relaxed Lane for slower shoppers currently being tested at the company's Prestwick branch.

If you're of a sensitive disposition this might tip you over the edge into literally crying territory, as the concept here is to staff this one checkout lane with specially trained dementia-aware staff that can better handle the needs of elderly shoppers, plus there's a hearing loop installed too. The trial is backed by Alzheimer's Scotland, with boss Jim Baird explaining: "The hope is that it will allow people with dementia just that bit more time to do their shopping without being under the pressure of the normal cut and thrust of aisles. It goes beyond dementia to the blind, the deaf, people with Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons, it becomes a magnet for people who want to do their shopping at a much more relaxed pace."

The sign doesn't do a particularly good job of explaining who for? and why does? the Relaxed Lane exist, though, so hopefully there are unseen staff on hand to point the way and explain there's no need to worry about not being able to produce your reward card within two seconds of being asked when using it, and to direct any confused easy-going hipsters to the back of the self-scan queue. [Metro]

Image credit: Twitter