Scottish Supermarket Installs Milk Vending Machine for Refillable Bottles

By Gary Cutlack on at

A boutique Scottish farm shop has hit upon an idea that might just save the planet from choking to death on two-litre plastic milk jugs; a milk vending machine customers use to fill their own reusable glass bottles. A robot cow at your service.

Eco-aware shop Locavore says this is the first milk vending machine to launch in the UK, and as long as people in general can be bothered washing something up and carrying it back to a shop, it could be a winner. Locavore-branded glass bottles that look to be about one litre in capacity are handed out to customers, who then get to feel a bit like a farmer by holding it under a nozzle and filling it with whole or semi-skimmed milk. We think it's the brown cows that produce the semi-skimmed. They then take this bottle home and luxuriate in the feeling of not contributing to mankind's downfall by chucking endless white plastic tubs in the bin.

If you think this sounds like a great idea that could save Glasgow and eventually the world from gradual plasticisation, the company is hiring. It wants a Zero Waste Propagandist and a Local Food Propagandist to come in and start bigging up the return of the milk bottle and the general idea of bringing your own tubs to the shop to buy everything else. [Metro]