Sega Returns to Weirdness With Only Fools and Horses Plushies

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sega's arcade division is still ludicrously mad after all these years, with 2018's insanity highlighted by a deal with BBC Studios to create a series of plush toys based on... Only Fools and Horses.

Yes, that means there's going to be a Del Boy, a Rodney, an Uncle Albert and even a cuddly yellow van popping up in some Sega-filled UFO catcher-style games in the near future, as Sega aims hard for that middle-aged-dad-taking-his-kids-to-an-arcade-if-indeed-there-are-any-arcades-left-any-more pound.

And yes, to make it an even weirder launch event, that is former champion welterweight boxer Ricky Hatton proudly demonstrating the toys, as he's apparently a big fan of the show and at one time owned one of the actual three-wheeler vans used in the sitcom. Probably had a Mega Drive too, but that's just speculation.

Sega's merchandising boss Trevor Clarke said: "We have worked closely with the BBC Studios to produce the iconic show characters in cuddly plush form for the very first time and feel privileged to have been given the opportunity. The plush has been an instant success with our customers and we have had some fantastic feedback, this cherished property is really working well for our customers." []