Soap Shop Abandons Bizarre Political Window Displays

By Gary Cutlack on at

Soap shop Lush, that place on the high street that smells of lemons and old women when you walk past it, has decided to stop running its extremely off-message window displays about undercover police corruption. It's retreating back to its core messaging that smelling of lavender is good and here's where to come if present shopping for grandma.

For a week and a bit now, Lush has been filling its street-facing windows space with messages highlighting cases of misconduct by undercover police, which is not something you usually associate with bath bombs, sponges, exfoliating scrubs and pumice stones. The poster campaign features an image showing half a policeman and the quote "Paid to lie," baffling passersby who usually expect to see a smiling woman soaping up her legs, and infuriating police with its message that undercover cops can't be trusted.

Despite pulling the window posters for reasons to do with "the safety of our staff," Lush is not entirely abandoning the police-are-spies campaign as it currently still exists online, where you can order your massively expensive soap products and enjoy reading a politicised message about how an undercover policing scandal is infiltrating political groups and harvesting data on protesters. [Lush via Guardian]