South Korea is Resurrecting the iPhone 3GS

By Tom Pritchard on at

It doesn't matter which era in history you're in, there will be people telling you that mobile phones are bad. They cause cancer, they keep you up at night, they're too addictive, and so on. Some people have ditched smartphones as a result, sticking with the old fashioned pre-internet phones that can only send calls and texts, but over in South Korea things are a bit different.

Local network SK Telink apparently found a bunch of unopened iPhone 3GSs inside a warehouse, and figured trying to sell them was a better idea than tossing them in the nearest landfill. So it's bringing the phone back from the dead, albeit in rather limited quantities.

The iPhone 3GS, as many will remember, was released back in 2009 and eventually usurped by the iPhone 4 a year later. At the time is was pretty great, incrementally improving on the iPhone 3G, but these days it's laughably obsolete. The phone is no longer supported by Apple, and doesn't run software newer than iOS 6. Given we're about to receive iOS 12, the app support is going to be pretty poor. Still I imagine it's still the kind of support Windows phone owners could only dream of.

SK Telink will be testing the phones to make sure the batteries are still ok, before offering the devices for 44,000 won (£30.08) each. That may seem pretty damn cheap for an iPhone, but you've got to remember that it's an obsolete nine-year old model. It only has 3G, the camera is a mere 3MP in resolution, and the front camera is non existent. It also uses the old 30-pin  charging cable, rather than the miniature reversible Lightning connector. Basically it's only really good for making calls, sending texts, and possible surfing the internet. Which isn't such a bad thing for some people, though it does mean you can't run out of work in the middle of the day to play Pokémon Go.

The phones are set to go on sale at the end of the month, and you can be sure plenty of them will wind up on eBay or in the hands of international resellers. [ET News via Slashgear]