Steam Train's Chuffs Trigger Evacuation of London Victoria

By Gary Cutlack on at

London's Victoria station was fully evacuated yesterday evening, thanks to a throwback from yesteryear confusing today's safety systems. It was rebuilt steam-powered legend the Flying Scotsman that was in town, and its output set off all the fire alarms.

The station was closed and emptied for around 25 minutes nearing the end of the evening rush hour period just after 7pm, leaving late home-goers stranded and unable to purchase their baguettes, burgers, and four tins of premium strength lager for the journey home.

A Network Rail spokesperson explained: "Earlier this evening a charter steam train upon arriving into London Victoria station had set off the pre-alarm on the fire panel. Although no fire was discovered and the issue was confirmed as a false alarm, the fire alarm system entered full evacuation mode and the correct process for a full alarm was carried out as per the safety standard."

They usually turn the fire alarms off when steam trains come in, which is handy to know if you're a budding pyromaniac. [Telegraph]