Surprise! Word is Samsung's Folding Phone is Going to be Very Expensive

By Tom Pritchard on at

We've been hearing about Samsung's mythical folding phone a lot recently, with Samsung itself confirming it was close to launch. While we still don't know exactly when it will arrive, we do know that it will only be available in very limited numbers, and it sounds like there are good reasons for that. A new rumour claims the phone is going to be expensive. Very expensive. Double the price of the iPhone X expensive.

According to The Korea Times the folding phone may cost as much as $2,000 (£1,490) if you pay for the whole thing out of pocket. That's a lot of money. To the point where not many people are going to be willing to pay it, assuming anyone can actually afford to buy a phone that costs as much as a cheap used car.

So why so pricey? Well for starters this new device is (hopefully) something we haven't seen before, and not just a dual screen phone with a hinge down the middle like ZTE's Axon M. Given how many rumours we've heard about the phone over the years it's likely it wasn't cheap to develop and Samsung may be trying to recoup the costs. On the other hand Ubergizmo speculates that it may be down to the phone's extremely limited run. We don't know how limited it's going to be, but without the same level as mass production as, say, the Galaxy S or Note series, it's not going to be as cheap to manufacture.

All of that is assuming that the phone itself isn't generally full of expensive parts. Word is that it will have three OLED displays, and those are generally more expensive than the likes of LCD.

It's always safe to be sceptical, especially with such a specific price point this far out from launch, but it's not exactly the most surprising thing to hear. Phones have been gradually getting more and more expensive, and for a phone that's been hyped up as some sort of game changer (assuming someone else doesn't beat Samsung to release) the cost was never going to decrease. But we'll have to wait and see when Samsung finally unveils the phone, currently rumoured to be next January. [Korea Times via Ubergizmo]