Take a Tupperware to Morrisons and You'll be Handsomely* Rewarded

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last month Morrisons announced that it was going to start asking customers to bring reusable tubs for meat and fish, in an effort to cut down on plastic waste. Now it's announced it's offering an incentive to do so, much like the government did with the plastic bag charge. But rather than charging extra for plastic-wrapped food, Morrisons will be offering rewards.

Specifically any time you buy fresh meat or fish, and take it home in a reusable container, the supermarket will give you 100 Morrisons More loyalty card points. Normally you'd have to spend £20 to get that many points, and they're worth a whopping 10p. It's like Morrisons is handing money over for being eco-conscious, just without the risk of you spending that money in a different shop.

But there's more! Morrisons has already started rolling out paper bags for customers buying fresh fruit and vegetables. The idea is that the supermarket doesn't want people purchasing more plastic to take home their food, so the paper options have hit 493 of its supermarkets - with the rest to follow before the end of the summer. Those bags will come with a transparent strip, but the supermarket has promised they're 100 per cent recyclable.

Assuming, of course, that your local council isn't shit like mine. [Metro]