Talks About Bringing Netflix and YouTube to Switch are "Ongoing" Says Reggie Fils-Aimé

By Tom Pritchard on at

Earlier this week rumours spread that Netflix and YouTube would be coming to Nintendo Switch, after Best Buy accidentally posted that information on its website. The retailer recanted, but the damage was done and many expected Nintendo to announce the news during its E3 showcase later that day. That didn't happen, but now Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé has said some words.

Speaking to Bloomberg Television, Fils-Aimé confirmed that conversations about bringing the two streaming platforms to Switch are "ongoing":

“When we launched the Switch, we were very clear we wanted to position the device as a game-playing device. We’ve done that, and so you’ve seen Hulu for example come on to the platform. In terms of other services, the conversations are on-going. We’ve got nothing to announce right now. But certainly those opportunities will come in due time.”

It's certainly not an announcement, but from the sounds of things it's likely that Netflix and YouTube might come to Switch in the future. That's news that's bound to please the few angry commenters who complained when I made the argument that the Switch doesn't need streaming apps. It still doesn't, and if you're reading this then you already have a device capable of watching Netflix. Netflix is second only to Doom when it comes to diversity of compatible devices.

For those people I'm not that sad to say there doesn't sound like there's any sort of timeline planned out for a streaming-Switch launch. So you'll just have to be patient and wait to see what happens. [Bloomberg via Nintendo Life]