You'll be Able to Watch Wimbledon in 4K Thanks to the BBC and Sky

By Tom Pritchard on at

We're right in the middle of the World Cup at the moment, with the BBC running all sorts of tests as it live streams each of its matches in 4K HDR. While there have been reports of hiccups, especially during the first England game, the broadcaster has just announced it's going to be extending its trial. Now all of Wimbledon will be available in 4K HDR.

The broadcasts are set to work much the same way as the World Cup's, with the action being beamed out over BBC iPlayer to anyone with compatible TVs and streaming devices. That means a TV capable of 4K resolution that supports HLG HDR, and a high-speed internet connection capable of pulling in all that data with minimal lag. Spaces will also be limited and on a first-come first-served basis, meaning you'll have to get onto the iPlayer stream early to reserve your spot.

As with the World Cup the BBC recommends a connection of at least 40 Mb/s for 4K, and 20Mb/s for QHD. Naturally the faster your connection, the fewer streaming problems you should have. In theory anyway.

The BBC has confirmed that Wimbledon won't be getting the VR treatment, but the Beeb will be broadcasting its usual coverage in all the usual places. That's BBC One, BBC Two, iPlayer, and the red button, in both HD and SD.

Those of you with Sky Q will also be happy to know that Sky is getting involved in this trial, letting Q customers with a 2TB box watch all the tennis on the BBC in 4K. Or at least it will for the later stages of the tournament, letting people access a 4K feed from Centre Court via the red button whenever they're watching matches on BBC One and Two. Obviously you need a 4K TV for this, and since Sky Q doesn't offer HDR yet you won't be able to enjoy the superior colours. But, seeing as how it's all done by satellite, you don't need to worry about your neighbours and relatives eating up the bandwidth.

Wimbledon itself starts on 2nd July.