The Birmingham Accent Still Exists in the Year 6,491

By Gary Cutlack on at

A time traveller has given an interview to paranormal YouTube specialist Apex TV, which hooked futuristic Brummie James Oliver up to a lie detector machine to see if his claims of being from the year 6,491 are true. And the crappy USB lie detector said yes.

Oh, and as well as being from the future he's also from a different planet, a planet where they all sound a bit Brummie. Maybe the first colonists were escapees from Birmingham. They didn't ask him about that.

Here's the interview.

Good to know that the Birmingham accent still exists in the year 6,491 or thereabouts, as it's hard for James to properly count the years as his planet is further away from its sun and they count years from a different starting point. Anyway he passed a lie detector test so Planet Brummie in the year 6,491 must exist, although he also claims that future houses have an AI system that can accurately recognise family members, which surely won't ever happen.

Oliver's tips for making a better future include getting the US back into the Paris climate change agreement and capping carbon emissions. And it's all going to be OK for mankind as a whole, as interplanetary war is forbidden. [YouTube via Birmingham Live]

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