The Next OnePlus 6 Update Looks to be Bringing Portrait Mode to the Front Camera

By Tom Pritchard on at

The OnePlus 6 has been out for a few weeks, and the reception has been rather positive so far. Still, OnePlus is clearly not content with leaving things the way they are, and it's looking like the next update to OxygenOS is on the way with a bunch of new features installed. Features that include a portrait mode on the front camera.

We know this because a new update to HydrogenOS, the Chinese version of OnePlus's Android variant, just dropped, and the company typically follows this by releasing a similar update to OxygenOS - the version that's available everywhere else. In the Hydrogen update was activation of the front facing selfie camera, which was originally announced at launch, a portrait mode preview for the rear camera, game optimisations, phone call voice optimisation, the option to automatically add Bluetooth calls in headphone mode, and a battery percentage icon in the status bar.

Presumably the battery percentage will actually show up on the status bar after the update, rather than just when you pull down notification bar like it is now.

OnePlus 6 owners probably don't have much time to wait, since OnePlus merged the Hydrogen and Oxygen development teams back in 2016 - all so it can speed up the software update process. [OnePlus via Trusted Reviews]