The OnePlus 7 Might Come With 5G support

By Tom Pritchard on at

We all know that 5G is coming. EE plans to have it up sometime next year, while most networks around the world are aiming for their launches to take place sometime in 2020. The problem is that most phones don't support 5G yet, and we can't really connect to those speeds until we get them. Yes we have all that other cool stuff 5G is good for, but most of that won't arrive for a while. Fortunately the phone makers have started revealing some of their plans for 5G handsets, including everyone's favourite Chinese phonemaker OnePlus.

Speaking to PC Mag at Mobile World Congress in Shanghai, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau confirmed that the company was working towards the 5G future, claiming the company will launch one of the world's first 5G smartphones. Considering 5G networks should be available before the end of the year, that means Lau is likely talking about the OnePlus 7 - which will probably arrive in late Spring like this year's OnePlus 6.

Lau also said the company was hoping to make its devises available via the networks over in the US. Americans are strange in that most smartphone sales come through the networks compared to other sales channels, and so far OnePlus has been ignored by them all across the Atlantic. Would this mean the phone is available on more networks over here? Maybe, maybe not. O2 currently stocks OnePlus devices, but it's not clear whether that's an exclusivity deal or whether they're the only network that will.

But overall 5G isn't likely to be one of the big selling points of the OnePlus 7, or even the OnePlus 7T if that doesn't pan out. The 5G rollout is going to take a while to roll out, and that's assuming EE isn't going to charge a fortune to upgrade your data plan. And let's be real, EE will definitely be charging more for a 5G plan, as will O2 and Vodafone. Time will tell if Three will mimic its 4G rollout and not charge extra for 5G. Still OnePlus is big in China, and China is really gunning for strong 5G coverage from the get go, so that's a clear incentive for the company to do things early. That's presumably why Huawei has also just announced that it will be developing a 5G phone for release next year. That's alongside LG, HTC, HMD, Oppo, Vivo, Sony, Asus, and more, who previously committed to releasing 5G devices of some kind in 2019. [PC Mag via TechRadar]