The Original Apple Watch Won't be Getting WatchOS 5

By Tom Pritchard on at

The original Apple Watch launched about three years ago, followed by the Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2 a year later, and Series 3 in 2017. The WWDC keynote speech just rounded off, and in it Apple unveiled a bunch of new features coming to the Apple Watch with WatchOS 5. Only you won't be getting any of them if you're still rocking the original Apple Watch.

As TechRadar points out, WatchOS 5 will only be compatible with Apple Watch Series 1, 2, and 3, ie that were released no earlier than 2016. That means the original Apple Watch is missing out, marking the first time Apple has dropped support for one of its wearables - something that long-time iPhone and iPad owners might be familiar with. Considering Apple's new promise to offer iOS 12 to any device running iOS 11, it seems likely that the original wearable might have issues handling the new software. Hence the snub.

So if you bought an Apple Watch within its first year of sale, or you opted not to get one of the newer models after they were announced, you might finally have to take the plunge and upgrade. Unless you're happy with it as is, in which case you should be fine for a little while longer. Assuming, of course, that nobody discovers any major security exploits that affect devices running WatchOS 4 or below.

WatchOS 5 arrives this September for devices that can support it, so at least legacy users have a few months to start saving up. [TechRadar]