The Pirate Bay's Upload Function is a Little Bit Broken

By Tom Pritchard on at

If you're one of the people that still relies on The Pirate Bay for their file-sharing needs, be it legal or otherwise, I have some bad news for you. The catalogue is a little bit frozen because the upload function is completely out of commission.

The site has been having some issues recently, including some unexpected downtime last week, but now it turns out the upload function has been broken since last weekend. This means the site is effectively frozen in time until it can be fixed, letting users browse and download but not letting them add more. As long-time torrenters will know, the whole system is reliant on people being able to upload new torrent files that facilitate the sharing of newer content.

TorrentFreak notes that the last upload to hit the site was at 7am CET (6am BST) on Sunday morning, and since then nothing has popped up on the Recent Uploads page. According to VIP users in the site's forums (I didn't even realise those were a thing), no matter what they try every time they attempt an upload they end up getting a message that says "Error – File empty". Moderator workerbee has since confirmed that this is the same situation for everyone, and not restricted to specific users or locations, as shown by the status page.

If I'm reading the status page correctly it looks as though someone was able to reach the new torrents section at 4.15am CET this morning, though nothing new seems to have actually been uploaded.

No doubt this problem will get fixed, but users have noted it's taking a lot longer than usual. The Pirate Bay is no stranger to problems like this, but if this carries on for much longer there's only so much users will be willing to take. [TorrentFreak]