The Saddleworth Moor Fire is So Big it Can be Seen From Space

By Tom Pritchard on at

When you hear terms like 'wildfire' you tend to think of very hot, dry places where that sort of thing happens with great frequency. Western USA, Australia, and so on. It's not the kind of thing you expect to hear about in the UK, but it happened. A fire has been raging on the moors near Saddleworth in Greater Manchester (or West Yorkshire, depending on who you ask) since Sunday night, and it was big enough to show up on satellite imagery.

The blaze showed up on NASA's AQUA MODIS and the ESA's Sentinel-2 satellites, both of which are continually circling the planet snapping pictures of what's going on down below.

As you can see the fire didn't exactly make a huge impact from way up high, and the lack of cloud cover makes it stand out, but the fact that it was noticeably visible shows you how bad things must be up there.

Locals have been reporting ash falling from the sky and the sky turning red as the fire spread, something firefighters have attributed to a combination of wind and the hot dry weather we're experiencing. Smoke can apparently be smelled as far away as Bolton, and people are being told to keep themselves and their pets indoors. Thankfully, from the looks of things, nobody has been hurt.