This Light-Up HAL 9000 USB Flash Drive Can't Sing, But Probably Won't Kill You Either

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Master Replicas, makers of some of the finest lightsaber replicas in any galaxy, sadly closed its doors back in 2008. Last year, however, part of its original team opened Master Replicas Group, a new company that’s relaunching with a series of 2001: A Space Odyssey collectibles to start, including a flash drive based on one of Hollywood’s most terrifying villains.

You don’t have to be worried about this miniature HAL 9000 replica refusing to open an air lock for you, or listening in on private conversations by covertly reading your lips. This one-sixth scale replica of HAL 9000 has no smarts and no ill intentions, but it does recreate the computer’s glowing red eye whenever it’s plugged into your computer.

You’re right to be saddened by the flash drive’s packaging noting HAL 9000 “as seen on The Big Bang Theory,” and 32GB of storage for $65 (£50) is pricey, no matter how whimsical the drive’s design might be. It does support USB 3.0, though, so read and write speeds should be decent, and MRG is only making 1,000 of these, with each one uniquely numbered. But if $65 is simply too rich for your blood, later this year Master Replicas Group will also be releasing a 16GB version of the HAL drive, which will presumably be priced closer to an impulse purchase. [Master Replicas Group via The Awesomer]