Torchwood's Coming Back Soon Too, But Audio-Only and Still With a Man

By Gary Cutlack on at

Weird old Doctor Who spinoff Torchwood is coming back for a sixth series, don't you know, only it's not going to have quite the same impact as the return of his most famous chum the Doctor; it's an audio production distributed on CD, as was the fifth series of the adventure serial.

Still, it's more Torchwood for the type of people that like Torchwood, and some of the people that used to be in Torchwood are still in this Torchwood, with John Barrowman, star of stage and screen and, latterly, mostly just pantomime and adverts, agreeing to do the voice once more. Produced by Big Finish, series six of Torchwood consists of four audio play episodes, with the collection of stories given the title God Among Us and apparently pitching old Captain Jack Harkness against some sort of god. It's probably just an alien, though.

The first one should be ready for release in October, and the plan is to gradually publish new episodes into 2019, as Torchwood fans can't take too much excitement at once. [Big Finish via Digital Spy]