TVAddons Founder Has Resigned to Ensure the Kodi Addon Repository's Long Term Survival

By Tom Pritchard on at

TVAddons has never been without its controversy. The depository of Kodi addons has long been accused of facilitating piracy on the platform, a claim it has adamantly denied, and it's resulted in a lot of legal trouble for the platform and its founder Adam Lackman. Lackman is currently being sued by a number of telecoms providers, including those based in the USA and Canada, and now he's throwing in the towel.

The latest update in the court cases saw bailiffs re-enter his home in the hopes of seizing property that could be used to pay off the CAD $50,000 (£28,292) he's been told to pay to cover the telecoms company's lawyers. They left with a laptop and two "near worthless" prints which are to be sold at auction, unless Lackman can come up with the money - which has since grown to CAD $57,500 (£32,536). That said, his lawyers will be blocking the seizure of his laptop, claiming it falls under “work instruments needed for the exercise of your profession.” Lackman claims the bailiff will have known this, but seized it anyway to cause him additional grief.

Now, after pressure from the TVAddons team, Lackman has announced his resignation as to not be a further liability to the platform. Telling TorrentFreak:

“Under immense pressure, our team and I have decided that it would be best if I resigned from an administrative role in order to protect the longevity of our platform.

I will continue to remain onboard in a marketing position, also doing general community outreach like I always have.”

TVAddons then went about replacing Lackman as administrator using an automated system, saying in a blog post:

“In selecting the individual to replace Adam in his former role as administrator, an automated script was used to randomly select his replacement from amongst our most trusted senior staff.

“At the time of selection, the automated script also delivered relevant passwords which the new administrator then changed so that only he would know them. Only the staff member selected knows that he is our new platform administrator.”

Lackman confirmed that a similar process was used to select the owner of the TVAddons domain, following a relaunch last August. According to Lackman he doesn't know who is the official owner, and given the relaunch didn't have any of the previous TVAddons assets he considers it to be a brand new entity. Whether the telecoms companies going after TVAddons believe that or not is a different story, with Lackman saying:

“However, I am also not sure it matters whether the plaintiffs believe it or not, as they have demonstrated a willingness to create their own narrative in order to suit their own agenda anyway.”

TvAddons has confirmed it will continue to support Lackman in his "David vs Goliath legal battles", accusing its opponents of manipulating the law to suit their own needs when it never did anything wrong. [TVAddons via TorrentFreak]