Uber is Bringing its Electric Bike Sharing Service to Europe

By Tom Pritchard on at

About two months ago Uber announced that it had acquired Jump, an electric bike rental service operating in cities across the US. It's just like the several million bike sharing schemes that seem to be operating across the world, with a dockless system that people have enjoyed taking advantage of by dumping bikes wherever they damn well please. Well Uber has announced it's bringing the service to Europe, starting in Berlin.

The aim is to get the service operating in Berlin before the end of the summer before expanding to other cities across Europe. Where Jump will end up hasn't been revealed, but it's safe to assume that the big cities that already have a big Uber presence will be on the radar. It would be daft to leave London out of the running in particular, provided Transport for London will actually let them get things going. Pricing hasn't been announced either, but considering the US service charges $2 (£1.49) for 30 minutes we can probably expect it to be something similar. Perhaps £2, because that's how exchange rates seem to work in 2018.

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi announced this move at the Noah tech conference in Berlin, saying:

"This is potentially a replacement for Uber trips so that we can be bigger than just cars, we can be about mobility within a city, and we can help resolve the traffic issue every city is facing."

That is, assuming those cities are bike friendly. There's no good having bikes around if you can't actually get around safely. Whether it's dodgy drivers, absent minded pedestrians, or other cyclists, it can be a pretty perilous way to get around. Then again it's probably about as stressful as having to navigate tourists on the Tube, but with added exercise. [Bloomberg via Engadget]