UK Faces a Looming Fizzy Drinks Shortage

By Gary Cutlack on at

The good type of carbon dioxide is apparently in short supply at the moment, with one of the country's two (on-purpose!) producers of CO2 for the drinks industry offline for maintenance and EU sources struggling to meet demand. Hence manufacturers worrying that we may soon run out of pumped supplies of CO2 to carbonate our precious drinks with. We could be bombed back to the flat mead ages.

This was first reported in staggeringly niche industry publication Gasworld, which warns of a Europe-wide shortage in liquid Co2 graded for use in food products, triggered by a freak wave of breakdowns and maintenance needs that's seen several suppliers taken offline -- a situation exacerbated by it being warm so we all demanded more lovely drinks. This bit of hardcore gas production information means, to us commonfolk, that there's a slight chance all our favourite brands of fizzy pop and regional beers might see supplies run low as UK producers and bottlers run out of gas to pump in.

The British Beer and Pub Association has already written to CO2 suppliers warning that unless acts are got together production could be restricted more substantially than it is at the moment, as it claims that some UK-based beer brewers are already slowing down their bottling efforts due to the CO2 crunch. [Gasworld via BBC]

Image credit: Simon Buchou/Unsplash