Vodafone Adds Free Amazon Prime Video to its Red Entertainment Deals

By Tom Pritchard on at

For the past several years Vodafone has been enticing people into joining its network with free subscriptions to popular streaming services. Spotify, Now TV, and Sky Sports Mobile TV were on offer, and you got to pick which one you were able to enjoy when you signed up for the right contract. Today Vodafone has announced it's adding Amazon Prime Video into the mix.

From today anyone joining Vodafone or upgrading their existing contract can add Amazon Prime Video to their perks, with unlimited access to the streaming catalogue for the duration of their contract across all of their devices. Vodafone is also making a point of mentioning you can use it abroad in the 48 roaming-free countries already offered by the network.

Glafkos Persianis, Commercial Director at Vodafone UK, said:

“We know our customers love being able to watch their favourite films and TV shows on the go, and with Prime Video on Vodafone, they’ll have even more top-quality, award-winning options at their fingertips. We’re delighted to provide our customers with the best entertainment available today.”

That said, if you'd rather not have Amazon Prime Video (or you already have a full Prime account), Vodafone is still offering the other three services. That Sky Sports access might come in handy over the next month or so, assuming you won't like the football coverage offered by BBC and ITV.