Wetherspoons Ditches French Champagne in Latest Brexit Sulk

By Gary Cutlack on at

Annoyingly political pub chain Wetherspoons and its annoyingly political owner Tim Martin have decided to Brexit the drinks menu ahead of the UK's departure from the EU, although the changes are all to do with trade rules and cheaper imports, not randomly hating foreign people and the stuff they make, promises Tim.

Martin is skewing his pubs' ordering of drinks away from EU sources, because it's cheaper to buy them from outside the EU and British beers and wines can be purchased without paying the tariffs imposed by the EU's "protectionist system." Hence it's some British sparkling wines instead of champagnes on the drinks list from July, for the extremely small group of people who would choose a Wetherspoons to host the type of occasion where champagne is to be drunk. Grandad's 90th birthday, dad's third wedding, that sort of thing.

Martin explained his anti-EU standpoint with: "There will be an inevitable transfer of trade post-Brexit to countries outside the EU, which will reduce prices in shops and pubs. The products we are now introducing are at lower prices than the EU products they are replacing."

So probably good news if you're a UK-based craft beer producer, or your dad's got a vineyard in Dorset. Everyone else: carry on having four cups of coffee with your burger. [Independent]