Which City Hates London the Most? Spoiler, it's Newcastle

By Tom Pritchard on at

The concept of 'London' is a bit contentious in some parts of the country. It's big, important, and incredibly expensive for visitors and residents alike. So to find out just how the people of the UK feel about London existing, YouGov poll to see how different regions of the country felt. As it turns out, the further you get from London the less impressed people are - especially around Newcastle.

Can you guess where the most pro-London sentiment could be found? In news that will shock literally no one, the most pro-London people live in London and the surrounding areas. Presumably because they've managed to fool themselves into thinking London is a nice place to live or work. YouGov also found that having lived there is more likely to give you a good impression, with 43 per cent of pro-Londoners having done so at one time or another - with 21 per cent still living there. 23 per cent of people who lived in London responded negatively, with only six per cent still mulling around the city for one reason or another.

The anti-London sentiment is strongest in Tyne and Wear, Scotland, and South Yorkshire. That last one is weird, because the rest of Yorkshire seems to have responded quite positively in comparison. 80 per cent of anti-Londoners also feel that the capital gets more than its fair share of public spending, which is shared amongst 52 per cent of pro-Londoners. But 48 per cent of them do believe that the UK is better off with London, than the 37 per cent who want it gone.

According to YouGov the anti-London types are also anti-city, which isn't hugely surprising. 61 per cent of them agreed with the statement “I think cities are grey and depressing” compared to the 35% who were either positive or neutral about London. 53 per cent of anti-Londoners also don't want to live in a big city, compared to 35 per cent of their positive and neutral counterparts.

YouGov also found tat anti-London types were also more likely to be against multi-culturalism. 57% believed that multi-culturalism has had a negative impact on the UK, compared to 35% in the pro/meh London groups. That trend if true across the UK, though is apparently most prominent among anti-Londoners who live in London. [YouGov]