Will Ferrell Thinks He Understands Eurovision Enough to Make a Film of it

By Gary Cutlack on at

Four words are striking equal amounts of horror into the hearts of film and music fans today, and they are: Will Ferrell Eurovision film. As in, Will Ferrell is going to be in a film all about the Eurovision Song Contest using low-bar Netflix money to pay for it. Let's hope he's going to play Terry Wogan and really piss that streaming money up the wall.

Ferrell is already getting his excuses in as to why this is a good idea or has even been allowed. He has a Swedish wife, so that means he's seen the competition a few times, so he gets the gist. That's what he says. But does he really understand it? Do we even really understand it? Like, it's rubbish, but we watch it anyway. It's rigged, but we watch it anyway. We still get sad when we remember Gina G being mugged, but we watch it anyway. Ferrell and writing chum Andrew Steele are really going to have to read up on block voting and regional politics.

And who or what is he going to be? Dress up like a novelty death metal entrant that Finland let in? Be a different character to portray all of the regional judges? Rogue conductor? Aging lothario songwriter? [Deadline via Guardian]