Xbox One is Getting New Seagate SSDs Made Specifically For The Console

By Dave Meikleham on at

There's a big old video game shindig going on right now in Los Angeles. This year's E3 kicked off in style last night, with EA showing a lot more of its eagerly anticipated MMO/shooter mash-up, Anthem. There was also some gadget-related news, with Seagate announcing a special SSD designed specifically for Xbox One.

Called the Game Drive, this solid-state device will come in three sizes: a 500GB drive priced at $150 (£111), a 1TB variant that costs $300 (£223), and a whopping 2TB one which will set you back $600 (£447). These drives are set to be released in the autumn, with official UK pricing to be announced at a later date.

Seagate claims the Game Drive should be able to transfer games to and from your Xbox One in just a couple of minutes, while the devices' pocket-sized form should make transferring games to a second machine at a friend's house a breeze... well, provided you've got your Xbox Live account set up on another Xbox.

With digital games files only getting larger and larger thanks to the introduction of Xbox One X and its 4K patches, there's more emphasis than ever on speedy fibre optic connections and nippy SSDs.

Turns out, vanilla broadband connections and the default HDD that come in consoles are no longer quite up to snuff.