Your Pebble Smartwatch Might Not be Completely Useless Just Yet

By Tom Pritchard on at

When Fitbit bought out Pebble, many people assumed the worst. They figured Fitbit taking over would be the end of the Pebble brand, and more importantly the end of support for its smartwatches. It turns out those fears were completely justified, because Fitbit did announce that Pebble was dying, and without support the smartwatches would be rendered mostly useless. There is good news for Pebble stalwarts, though. but you'll need to be quick about it.

Pebble support is due to end at the end of this month, which is just 15 days away. But there's some hope for support, provided you get your act together and make an account with Rebble within the next two-ish weeks. It's an ambitious project that even has the backing of Pebble co-founder Eric Migicovsky.

Rebble is designed to give Pebble owners the support Fitbit is denying them, including access to the app store, firmware, and mobile apps. While Pebble may have thrown out an update to ensure the watch would continue working after the support cut off, if you fancy trying to keep it going for as long as possible then you might want to check Rebble out and make an account. Just be warned, developer Katharine Berry has made it clear she and the rest of the team might not be able to get everything ready by the end of the month.

However, Pebble is a complicated system, and we ended up with less time than we had hoped. I still expect that we will have at least some services up and running in time for the cutoff. I dare not speculate as to which but I promise we will have more updates before the end of the month. Even after Pebble’s services shut down, we will continue to work to bring up the remaining services, eventually reaching the collection of services described in my previous post.

Rebble is also designed to be free, though users will be able to pay a monthly subscription for access to weather and dictation services, if that's what you want. All the details are available over in the latest blog post. [Rebble via Ubergizmo]