YouTube's Finally Stopped Ignoring Us, Will Launch YouTube Premium and YouTube Music in the UK

By Tom Pritchard on at

YouTube Premium originally launched in October 2015 as YouTube Red, a subscription services that gave people an ad-free YouTube experience and later exclusive original content. Red launched in many countries, but none of them were in Europe. Recently the service rebranded itself as YouTube Premium, but still there was no word of a launch in the UK and the rest of Europe. Today is the day things change, however.

Today YouTube has announced that it will be bringing YouTube Premium, and the newly launched YouTube Music, to 12 more countries around the world - including the UK and Ireland. About bloody time too.

In case you missed the initial announcement, YouTube Music is the site's attempt to really properly get into the music streaming business, after a number of previous attempts that didn't really go anywhere. It makes the music-on-YouTube experience more personalised than ever before, with access to new playlists, videos, albums, singles, remixes, live performances, and other music you can only get on YouTube.

It's also free and supported by ads, though you can opt to pay to ditch the ads and take advantage of fancy features like offline downloads, and background listening. YouTube Music Premium, as that is called, is £10 a month, though you can get three months free for a limited time.

YouTube Premium has all the same perks as Music Premium, but expanded across all of YouTube and not limited to musical content. It also grants you access to YouTube's original content, including the Karate Kid sequel series Cobra Kai they couldn't shut up about a Google I/O. That'll cost you £12 a month, and like Music Premium you can get three months free.

All this goes live today, by the way, so you can throw your money at Google right now if you really want to.