A Twitter Bot is Giving '50 Shades of Grey' a Blockchain Makeover

By Tom Pritchard on at

Blockchain is the latest hip thing across the world of business, with marketers and investors seemingly jumping at the chance to get involved with anything even remotely blockchain related. Some of those people might be getting a little too excited about blockchain, if you know what I mean, and they might want to start paying attention to a new Twitter bot adding relevant references to infamous literature-porn 50 Shades of Grey.

Fifty Shades of Blockchain comes from Jackson Palmer, the same man who invented meme-themed parody cryptocurrency Dogecoin. It involves the bot taking lines from the book and filling them with various bits of blockchain-centric jargon and technobabble. The kind of stuff you may find in a company's whitepaper, or in a marketing email from an overzealous PR firm. To the point where I have absolutely no idea what's being said, but I imagine it would make a blockchain enthusiast sweat with excitement.

The account has only been around for a couple of days at this point, but the plan is to keep it adapting more sections of the book for the more die-hard crypto and blockchain enthusiasts on the internet. Plus those who can understand it, and want a good laugh. [The Next Web]