Adidas Says 'Unauthorised Party' Maybe Got Millions of Logins, Reminds Us to Never, Ever Reuse Passwords

By Patrick Lucas Austin on at

On Thursday, Adidas revealed a “potential data security incident” that possibly left the contact and login info of millions of Adidas customers in the hands of an “unauthorised party.” As many as “a few million” customers who used the Adidas US website may have been affected by a breach, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Adidas stated it became aware of a possible data breach on 26 June, and “is working with leading data security firms and law enforcement authorities to investigate the issue.”

“According to the preliminary investigation, the limited data includes contact information, usernames and encrypted passwords,” the company said in its announcement. “Adidas has no reason to believe that any credit card or fitness information of those consumers was impacted.” Either way, you should absolutely go change your password.

It may provide some comfort that the passwords were not leaked in plain text, and instead would be encrypted, according to Adidas’ vague announcement. However, whether you’re buying a basketball or a burrito, you should probably stop using that one password or PIN everywhere. [Wall Street Journal]

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