Aldi and Lidl Will Close Early if England Make it to the World Cup Final

By Tom Pritchard on at

I'm rather surprised that England have done so well in this World Cup, and so have large number of people across the country given how quickly the hype levels have gone from zero to over 9,000. While the country preps for the possibility that England may actually be in a chance of winning, and with Labour calling for a bank holiday if they do, Aldi and Lidl have decided that they'll get things going early by shutting their stores early if England makes it to the final.

This means you won't be able to pop into either store to impulse purchase some special buys, because both stores have promised staff they can go home at 3pm because "it's coming home". Which it's not, because the next tournament is in Qatar, but whatever. The caveat is that it's only if England make it to the final game of the tournament, so if it's a Croatian final all the staff will have to be in store helping people buy cheap, quality booze.

A 3pm finish should give them all enough time to get home in time for the 4pm kick-off, regardless of whether they want to watch it on BBC One or ITV.

People have taken to Twitter to ask other supermarkets whether they'll be closing early, but no one has promised anything yet. That said, since big supermarkets have to close by 4pm on a Sunday there's not much stopping the stores from having their own in-house screenings as soon as all the customers have been made to leave. Well, except maybe the lack of a TV licence. [BBC News]