Aldi's Back to Selling Wagyu Steaks for £8

By Tom Pritchard on at

You may have heard of Wagyu beef, the horrendously priced steak from Japan from cattle that have been fed special diets. The stuff is highly sought after for the marbling effect, with flecks of fat spread throughout the meat giving it a unique taste. That tends to make it very expensive, and hard to come by, especially if you're buying the genuine article.  Unless, of course, you're buying something similar from Aldi.

The budget supermarket is now back to selling Wagyu beef steaks for £8 each, which is a great deal considering some Wagyu beef can cost up to £500 a kilo. These steaks aren't the same as the Japanese Kobe Wagyu beef, which has to come from a specific region of Japan and pass all sorts of quality checks before it goes on sale, but it's very similar. Enough that most people won't be able to tell much difference.

Aldi has Ribeye and Sirloin cuts on sale as special buys, which means that once they've sold out that's it. Much like the giant sausages and burgers, the Wagyu steaks have been on sale before and ended up selling out very quickly. In other words get yourself down to Aldi pronto, lest you miss your chance to try this delicacy for yourself.

Just avoid adding ketchup, or you'll make Kryten's head explode. [Metro]