All the Biggest and Best News From San Diego Comic Con 2018

By Tom Pritchard on at

It's that time of year again, the one weekend of the year where pop-culture and general geekery take over the news cycle and piss off just about everybody who has an active dislike for this sort of thing. San Diego Comic Con is back, with its impossible-to-buy tickets, exclusive swag, and never-before-seen footage that inevitably leaks online in atrocious quality. It's also the time when the entertainment industry shows off all the stuff it has planned for the near future.

But Comic Con is big.  Really big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. So it can be quite hard to keep track of all the biggest news and announcements. We will have plenty of it up on site, which you can keep tabs on as and when it happens, but it's going to get harder to keep up as the weekend progresses. Luckily we have a big long list for you to bookmark. We're going to be updating this between now and Monday, and that should make life easier for you.

Here's everything we have so far:

The Orville's Second Season Promises Space Shenanigans Galore

Looks like lots of explosive action, wild hijinks, goofy aliens, and strange new worlds.

Supergirl's Next Season Will Feature TV's First Transgender Superhero and a New Super Suit

Nicole Maines will join Supergirl’s fourth season as Nia Nal, a precognitive hero who goes by the codename Dream Girl.

The Trailer for Arrow's Next Season Sees Ollie Deal With His Greatest Enemy Yet: Jail Time

Now, we’ve got a look at how the team will move on without Oliver... for now at least.

Krypton Will Feature Some Prominent and Not-So-Prominent DC Faces in Its Second Season

The Main Man and friends are heading to Superman's homeworld.

The Gifted Season 2 Trailer Heralds the Dawn of the Mutant Age

Now that is an interesting reflection...

The First Trailer for Aquaman Is as Epic as It Is Moist

And it’s very moist.

The First Shazam! Trailer Finally Lets the DC Universe Have Some Fun

It looks like it’s going to be a breath of fresh air for the DC Extended Universe. Very happy, very silly fresh air.

We Saw the First, Very Playful, Footage of Wonder Woman 1984 at Comic-Con

It’s unfortunately not going online but we were there and can tell you all about it.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters' First Trailer Is an All-Out Kaiju Epic

If Godzilla is truly the King of the Monsters, then surely he needs a few monsters to fight to earn his title, right?

The Crimes of Grindelwald Come to Light in a New Fantastic Beasts 2 Trailer

We also get our first look at a “famous” Harry Potter character from the past.

Star Trek: Discovery Showrunner Says the Original Series Is Helping Series 2 Find Its Fun Side

But the appearance of the Enterprise is just one of the ways that'll happen.

We're Going to Meet a Dark Knight of Death in the Upcoming Batman Who Laughs Miniseries

What if Batman was the Punisher?

Marvel's Cloak & Dagger Is Coming Back for a Second Series

The ratings made the show’s renewal somewhat inevitable.

Bumblebee Includes Cybertron, Optimus Prime, and Some Decepticon Surprises

Unfortunately, it appears the video is solely for Comic-Con attendee, but we can tell you everything we saw.

Venom Came to Comic-Con and Revealed Its Symbiotic Villain

Director Ruben Fleischer and stars Tom Hardy and Riz Ahmed debuted some bombastic and wildly violent footage from the movie that isn't online yet.

The Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Comic-Con Footage Was Absolutely Amazing

Miles Morales is in for a hell of a ride alongside his new best friends Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy.

Heaven and Hell Collide in Our First Behind-the-Scenes Look at Good Omens

While Comic-Con didn’t give us a trailer, it did let us peek behind the curtain.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Is Getting Rebooted, With an Emphasis on Diversity

And Joss Whedon is involved as executive producer.

Star Wars Ventures Back to the Prequel Era With a Bunch of New Books and Comics

The Star Wars printed universe marches on

Unbreakable and Split Collide in the First Outstanding Trailer for Glass

Eighteen years after we first met the unbreakable David Dunn and the extremely breakable Elijah Price, they’re back.

The Walking Dead's Giant New Trailer Shows Their Hard-Won Peace Is Already Going to Hell

Life has literally never been better for Rick Grimes, at least since the zombie apocalypse began. But how long will it last? Apparently, no time at all.

In the First Trailer for Star Trek: Discovery Series 2, the U.S.S. Enterprise Boldly Arrives

Now we get to re-meet Captain Pike and Starfleet’s most iconic vessel.

Take a Peek at the Heroes (and Umbrellas) of the Umbrella Academy TV Series

It’s been a year since Netflix announced it would be adapting the Dark Horse comic series for its platform. Now it’s finally revealed the cast in all their superhero glory.

All the Greatest Cosplay We Spotted at San Diego Comic-Con, Day One

We’ve got My Hero Academia villains, Ms. Marvel, and of course... Iron Spider-Dog? Enjoy!

Peter Parker Meets New Friends and New Foes in the New Spider-Man Video Game Trailer

The big focus of the trailer is yet another villain coming to make Spidey’s life hell: the legendary mercenary (and maybe even future movie star) Silver Sable.

YouTube Red's Origin Shows a Sci-Fi Horror Where Everybody Is a Villain

It’s a cool premise—although unfortunately, the outcome seems a little iffy.

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Brings the Mutagenic Fire in Its Comic-Con Trailer

The voice cast includes John Cena, Lena Headey and Johnny Rotten!

DC Collectibles Gives Us Our Best Look Yet at the Aquaman Movie's Comic-Inspired Costumes

Look at all that bright colour on Aquaman!

The First Full Trailer for Nightflyers Is Absolutely Chilling

Our new look at the TV adaptation for George R. R. Martin's Nightflyers is legitimately haunting.

An Up Close Look at Doctor Who's Brand New Sonic Screwdriver

A new Doctor on Doctor Who means new everything.

Lego DC Super-Villains Lets You Wreak Havoc With the Baddies as a Custom Villain 

Unlike other Lego games, you’ll have access to a character creator that allows you create your own villain.

Holy Crap, Iron Fist Season Two Actually Looks Really Good

It finally feels like Iron Fist may have figured out want people wanted out of this show in the first place.

The Next DC Universe Streaming Show Is Stargirl

Thought that Titans trailer was the only DC Universe show we’d be hearing about today? Think again.

Clone Wars Is Back to Finish What It Started

Lucasfilm animation is reviving the show for one last huzzah, in the form of a series of episodes based around the Siege of Mandalore.

Jodie Whittaker Enters Doctor Who's TARDIS in the First Stunning Trailer for the New Series


The DC Universe Streaming Service Is Priced to Take on Netflix

In the US at least. There's no word on international pricing or availability yet.

Joaquin Phoenix's Joker Origin Movie Has a Predictable Title and a Surprising Release Date

Please, try to be shocked: it’s called Joker.

The First Titans Trailer Is a Brutal Introduction to Another Very Dark DC Universe

Teen Titans Go! this is not.

Here's the First Lego Set Tying into the Aquaman Movie

I bet you forgot Aquaman was even happening.

A New Lego Set Reveals Spider-Man and Venom Don't Need to Be Jealous of Tony Stark's Hulkbuster Mech

It's 604 pieces, and it'll be available in December.