Amazon Accused of Profiting From the Sale of Nazi Material

By Gary Cutlack on at

Amazon's open door Marketplace, where anyone can sign up to sell anything and it comes with the vague assurances that Amazon is behind it all, is being abused by racists, wouldn't you know? The non-shock news comes via the US-based Action Center on Race and the Economy, which has found a grim list of Nazi merchandise and general racist material up for sale to fund the activities and bumper stickers of the hate-spreaders.

The ACRE report is particularly damning of the online retailer, explaining that: "...for growing racist, Islamophobic, and anti-Semitic movements, the breadth of Amazon’s business combined with its weak and inadequately enforced policies provides a number of channels through which hate groups can generate revenue, propagate their ideas, and grow their movements."

Material celebrating the rise of the "modern white nationalist movement" is freely available for sale, and although Amazon is relatively good at removing bad things once it's been told they exist and supplied with URLs, ACRE says the retailer should be doing more to filter such things out before they can be listed. Otherwise it makes the site's platform appear like a racist's jumble sale.

"Amazon has a history of responding slowly -- or not at all -- to public pressure on this front rather than effectively preventing hate groups from using its platforms in the first place," the report says, although to be fair to Amazon, we had to scroll down about three pages before getting to the unironic "Adolf Hitler" t-shirts. [ACRE via BBC]