Amazon May Launch its Prime-Centric Smart TVs in the UK

By Tom Pritchard on at

Just over a year ago Amazon launched its own range of smart TVs over in the US, which were essentially TVs with a Fire TV built right in. That included all the things you'd expect from the streaming box, like Alexa and a very heavy focus on Prime Video, just in a 4K TV. Now it sounds as though those TVs may be coming to the UK.

The original Fire TV Edition range wasn't available internationally, not that it really mattered. In the months since TVs have started arriving on the scene with Alexa, and Amazon itself has improved the featureset of its streaming boxes and dongles dramatically. But if you still want a TV and Fire TV with as few cables and HDMI port-hogging as possible, this may be welcome news.

All of this comes thanks to a report from The Telegraph, which claims that Amazon is working alongside a number of Chinese manufacturers (including Huawei) to develop the new TVs. What's more the report says the TV will have a Freeview tuner built in and is being tested by the DTG, the body responsible for British digital TV broadcasts. That means it'll have all the benefits of a Fire Edition TV, but with the ability to tune into your favourite live broadcasts. Because apparently there are still people who watch live TV that isn't sport.

Weirdly The Telegraph keeps going on about how the new TVs would help it better compete with the likes of Sky and Virgin, which doesn't make any sense. Neither company makes their own TVs, and baking Amazon-centric software isn't really going to change the relationship between online streaming services and live TV packages. Having its own range of TVs might help, especially if they have the right mix of performance and price to compete with more established brands, but it's not like Fire TV devices are particularly niche.

Those ad-supported free-to-air TV channels, though? That's a different story entirely. [The Telegraph]