An Orange Supremacist and Other Nicknames: What Charlie Brooker's Cancelled 2017 Wipe Could Have Said About Trump

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last year Charlie Brooker announced that he was going to ruin everyone's Christmas by cancelling 2017 Wipe, the cynical yearly round up we really could have used after that abysmal year. Brooker was "too busy" apparently, because the end of last year also saw the release of a new selection of Black Mirror episodes on Netflix alongside Cunk on Britain.

Now, following Donald Trump's much-protested visit to the UK, one of Brooker's colleagues has released a number of different things they could have said about him, had the show gone to air. Jason Hazeley, an associate crew member who's worked on six previous annual Wipes shared some of the things they were going to refer to Donald Trump as. They're not disappointing, as you can read below:

A few of my favourites include:

  • An orange supremacist
  • a home-made Alex Baldwin
  • Fascist Bagpuss
  • A walking wig named after a fart
  • Your dad, drunk on boxing day, but with a Tribble on his head
  • A talking haystack
  • The face from a leaflet about blood pressure
  • The sort of face David Cameron might stick his dick in for a bet

And so on. They don't use my personal favourite, which is Sir Tweets-a-Lot, but that's something I came up with and isn't nearly as inventive as these. [Indy100]