Artists Quit Design Museum in Row Over Arms Trade Event

By Gary Cutlack on at

A group of creatives currently exhibiting their work at London's Design Museum have asked to have their pieces removed from the gallery, thanks to museum bosses taking a large payday from Leonardo -- a rather big military contractor.

Pressure group the Campaign Against Arms Trade has published a letter signed by 30 of the artists, artists who are rather ironically currently taking part in anti-corporate and politically-themed exhibit Hope to Nope within the Design Museum. They are not happy.

Blaming the management and trustees for agreeing to host an event for Leonardo at the Farnborough International arms fair, the letter explains: "Museums are not neutral spaces -- every decision about what is displayed, how it is labelled and how it is funded is political, and reveals something about the underlying values of the institution. By hosting an arms industry event, the Design Museum is presenting values that are strongly at odds with most of the art in Hope to Nope, which aspires to use the power of design to challenge powerful elites and promote peace and justice." [CAAT via Dezeen]