Aston Martin Says/Pretends it's Developing a Posh Flying Super-EV Drone

By Gary Cutlack on at

British luxury car brand Aston Martin would like the world to think it's branching out into electric drones, and has to that end released a pile of pretty looking renders of a thing it calls the Volante Vision Concept -- an electric drone that the unimaginably rich people of the 2020s might begin to imagine having at their disposal to get from Waitrose to Costa without having to steer around your Corsa.

Joining Rolls Royce in releasing wholly speculative designs for things that probably won't exist outside of Tom Cruise science fiction vehicles and end-of-year vapourware list features, this science fiction vehicle has been sketched out by long-time Aston designer Marek Reichman, and has, apparently, been given the nod of approval by Rolls Royce's aero division as a thing that would probably fly, should the company go mad and decide to actually try to make a few.

Aston says the idea is to create a "... flying autonomous hybrid-electric vehicle for urban and inter-city air travel, providing fast, efficient and congestion free luxurious travel" in some alternate near-future world where such things are likely to be granted approval to fly near people and houses by councils, with the potential to cruise at 200mph, should it ever become more than a fun lunch break project for Aston's engineers. [Top Gear]