Benchmark Claims to Show off How Powerful the iPhone XI Plus is

By Tom Pritchard on at

We know for a fact that Apple has more iPhones coming sometime later this year, and that those phones are bound to be faster and more powerful than what came before, but there's a benchmark test claiming to be for the iPhone XI Plus circulating the web, with some noticeable upgrades from the iPhone X.

A Geekbench listing claims to have benchmarks for one of this year's upcoming iPhones, of the three that are rumoured to arrive, and is likely the larger Plus variant of the iPhone XI. You can tell because it's down as the iPhone XI, 2, and has 4GB of RAM. That's a noticeable upgrade from the iPhone X, which only has 3GB, which won't necessarily appear on the iPhone XI given Apple's previous reluctance to upgrade RAM as fast as other manufacturers.

The phone in this benchmark also has the same hexa core chipset as the iPhone X, though clocks in slightly faster at 2.49GHz rather than the X's 2.39GHz. The core testing also shows a small upgrade, with results of 4,673 (single core) and 10,912 (multi core), compared to the X's 4,206 and 10,128. But as TechRadar points out, this is a test based on pre-release hardware - assuming these stats are legit. It's going to be at least two months before Apple unveils the next lot of iPhones, so things could change. [Geekbench via TechRadar]