Bow Before the Epic Cosplay at San Diego Comic-Con, Day Three

By Beth Elderkin on at

We have the best looks from Saturday, arguably Comic-Con’s biggest day, and we’re sharing them with you right now!

Check out the video and photo slideshow, where you can catch X-Men Sentinels, multiple Landos, and yes, Pickle Rick. Have fun!

2000AD’s Judges are here to bust you. (Photo: Evan Narcisse/Gizmodo)

This Avatar Na’vi is forming his own blue man group. (Photo: Germain Lussier/Gizmodo)

Try not to cry at this Up cosplay. It’s too late for us! (Photo: Cheryl Eddy/Gizmodo)

The Addams family that Comic-Cons together, stays together. (Photo: Cheryl Eddy/Gizmodo)

Fabulous dahlings, get a load of this Incredibles cosplay! (Photo: Beth Elderkin/Gizmodo)

The Baron Administrator of Cloud City will see you now. (Photo: Tom Caswell/Gizmodo)

Dragon Ball Super’s Beerus, Whis, and the Zen-Ohs wanted to start up another tournament in San Diego. (Photo: Tom Caswell/Gizmodo)

The Force is a powerful ally indeed, but a few more lightsaber-wielding Jedi are always handy. (Photo: Tom Caswell/Gizmodo)

Jack Nicholson Joker always puts a smile on our face. (Photo: Cheryl Eddy/Gizmodo)

Poe Dameron reporting in with his own AMAZING Black One X-Wing! (Photo: Cheryl Eddy/Gizmodo)

Please note that this Lando has a tin of Colt 45 holstered. Amazing. (Photo: Germain Lussier/Gizmodo)

The Bombshells arrive in the form of Black Canary, the Flash, and Mera! (Photo: Tom Caswell/Gizmodo)

Who wouldn’t accept a free hug from Baymax, honestly. (Photo: Germain Lussier/Gizmodo)

The Avatar gang’s all here! (Photo: Tom Caswell/Gizmodo)

Steampunk Jedi: An elegant cosplay for a more civilised age. (Photo: Beth Elderkin/Gizmodo)

Fallout 4's Piper and the Wanderer traded vaults for the halls of Comic-Con. (Photo: Beth Elderkin/Gizmodo)

Ming the Merciless wants YOU. (Photo: Beth Elderkin/Gizmodo)

Hawkgirl gets a feathery twist! (Photo: Evan Narcisse/Gizmodo)

Audrey II is on the hunt for some lunch. Run! (Photo: Evan Narcisse/Gizmodo)

An uncanny team-up: X-Men’s Colossus and Contra’s Bill Rizer! (Photo: Evan Narcisse/Gizmodo)

Wally West returned in DC Rebirth, and now he’s returned to Comic-Con! (Photo: Evan Narcisse/Gizmodo)

The odds are in our favour with Domino on the case. (Photo: Evan Narcisse/Gizmodo)

I’m not gonna say it. I’m not not gonna say it. I’m not gonna say it. Oh, fine: IT’S PICKLE RIIIIIIIICCCCK!!!! (Photo: Cheryl Eddy/Gizmodo)

Aren’t Tusken Raiders meant to walk in file? (Photo: Cheryl Eddy/Gizmodo)

The Macho Man is here! (Photo: Cheryl Eddy/Gizmodo)

Honestly, we can’t blame Kylo—putting clothes on in the San Diego heat? No thanks. (Photo: Evan Narcisse/Gizmodo)

This Sentinel is amazing, right down to the little X-Men all over it! (Photo: Evan Narcisse/Gizmodo)

Mantis and her little friend—puppet Rocket Raccoon! (Photo: Evan Narcisse/Gizmodo)

Waluigi hit Comic-Con to protest his absence from the next Smash Bros. (Photo: Evan Narcisse/Gizmodo)

Captain Marvel! Err, sort of. Sorry Shazam, we’re still not over the name change. (Photo: Evan Narcisse/Gizmodo)

We couldn’t get a close up of these guys, but this li'l X-Force at the Deadpool 2 panel was amazing! (Photo: Germain Lussier/Gizmodo)

In awe at the size of this AT-AT. What an absolute unit. (Photo: Germain Lussier/Gizmodo)