Burberry Burns its Stupid Posh Coats so They Don't End Up in Primark

By Gary Cutlack on at

New bonkers tales of waste within the fashion industry have emerged today, with analysis of stripy-thing maker Burberry's accounts showing that it torched around £28m worth of goods over the last year, in order to get slightly old and off-trend material out of the supply chain so it can sell marginally different variants of its coats to people who probably already have a perfectly decent coat.

According to The Times, the value of this outdated waste fashion has risen by 50 per cent in the last two years, either because it's selling less or the fashion world is demanding new items at a faster then ever pace thanks to all those celebrity Instagram accounts. A total of £90m in not-quite-fashionable-any-more good have been disposed of in a literal fire sale by the company over the last five years, basically just to prop-up the prices of its latest lines and stop older items appearing in discounters or going out of bins and on to eBay.

In its somewhat laughable defence, Burberry says it works with "specialist incinerator" companies that can at least generate energy from the burning up of last October's must-have stock of trench coats and scarves with the wrong pattern for 2018. [The Times via Standard]