Check the Route of Tomorrow's RAF Flyby, and See if Anything Will Pass Your House/Workplace

By Tom Pritchard on at

Tomorrow is the day that's been set aside to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the RAF, which is 100 days after its official 100th birthday. Clearly doing something big to celebrate on the 1st April was a risky endeavour. So there's going to be a big parade, and flyby involving 25 different RAF aircraft that will look suspiciously like a military coup given what's going on in the government today. While the main event is happening at Buckingham Palace, you might be able to see something from your own house - just as long as you live along the flight route.

So if you live between Ipswich and Central London, you have a pretty good shot of seeing something, though exactly what will your exact location. North West London will also get to see something too, with some of the aircraft heading off to the RAF Museum near Colindale. There isn't a runway round there, so I have to assume anything that is landing will need to be a helicopter of some kind. Unless they want to cause massive congestion on the M1.

The furthest east anything will go is Maidenhead, which means if Theresa May suddenly resigns this afternoon and legs it out of Downing Street she may still get the chance to gawp at some planes along with her constituents.

There's no exact timetable on when things will fly over, other than the fact it's set to reach The Mall and Buckingham Palace by 1pm. So you're either going to have to stand outside for a while waiting (and hopefully not melt), or do some maths to work everything out. All the parading is set to behind at 11.25am tomorrow morning, with live BBC coverage between 9am and 1.20pm. If you don't live anywhere near the flight path, and most of you probably don't, there's an app for that. Make sure to download it, and you'll be able to see the whole thing in augmented reality.